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Friday, January 15th, 2010

I was reading the comments about gmail and there appears to be a lot of support for switching. But I wonder if that isn’t because the comments are from students who mainly use webmail, which I think is not as easy or powerful as windows outlook. Please be sure to gather staff and faculty preferences on this issue since so much of our work happens over email.

From Brenda

WebMail or Gmail?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Do you think we should switch midd email accounts from Microsoft Outlook WebMail to Google Mail and Google Calendar?

  • Yes — everyone forwards their mail to Gmail anyway. Plus, the Wave is coming…
  • Yes!! Please let’s do so. Microsoft Outlook is so out of date.
  • Yes! (A faculty member)
  • Yes!!! Gmail is Awesome!
  • Definitely, everybody already does.
  • Yes, let’s use better technology!
  • Yes, please switch over ASAP.
  • Yes — so much easier and more compatible.
  • Absolutely! Gmail = more space + integrated system + plays well with browsers other than IE.
  • Yes — your email communication will last longer than your time in school . No space issues, let Google administer your email!
  • Yes, Gmail is far superior — way more storage.
  • Absolutely yes, Gmail is much easier to use because I can filter emails.
  • Yes, simplify email, save money, easy answer!
  • Yes, if Google doesn’t own all my stuff or invade my privacy.
  • I fear not having Gmail.
  • Wave is going to be so clutch, please, I want it!
  • Whatever you decide to do, I’ve been retrieving all Midd emails to my Gmail (using POP account settings) ever since I enrolled here…so frankly, I do not care…but it’s true that I like the expanded email attachment option (over 20MB) on MiddMail…
  • Recommendation: expand Outlook memory. It’s the only thing Gmail has on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Teach Microsoft R+D that they need to build better software. But I like MS Outlook’s lightweight feature and its simplicity.
  • Not until it has support to check account using iMap.
  • No, I can’t deal with Gmail.
  • No, I don’t want a commercial company crawling all over my email.
  • No, I like having separate accounts for school and play.
  • No, Google is too creepy.
  • No, seriously?

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