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  1. Abhishek Raman Parajuli says:

    The printing system this year has been absolutely terrible. I have made 5 attempts to print at Davis and have had to go to someone 4 of the five times. This is really frustrating and given the importance of this resource to the educational mission of the college I am shocked and disappointed that the college is not doing more to get this problem fixed. Please do let me know if there are plans at work to fix this perennial issue.

  2. Mike Sheridan says:

    Hmmmmm well my first suggestion is to have a place to actually make a suggestion, not just reply to someone else’s. But I ended up on this page when looking to make a suggestion, so here goes. I miss the old way that MIDCAT organized the ‘new acquisitions’ lists by the month. The new format, with the covers of the various library acquisitions, looks nice but it’s not very useful for browsing. I think it would be very hand to be able to sort the list by acquisition type — e.g, book, DVD, music CD, score, map, etc.

  3. Anna Ready-Campbell says:

    Papercut is horrendous. Clunky, slow, frustrating. Why can’t we choose a printer, how many copies and upload a document on the same page? Why does it take forever to submit? I know the size of the file makes a huge difference, but even reasonable ones often take a long time.

    So many students interact with this website. Investing time and money in a new, more streamlined, more reliable website would make a big difference to me and I don’t even print very often.

  4. Ethan Sivulich says:

    I am very frustrated with the printing and internet systems in Axinn Center. The internet is such that, if more than 3 people are simultaneously using the internet in Abernethy Room, even simple internet pages take forever to load, and that irritating “Could not join [insert network name here]. A connection timeout occurred” message appears. This needs to be fixed. This is one of the newest academic building son campus, and it does not have adequate internet access?! That is absurd. Also, the Papercut system in Axinn needs to be completely rebooted. The Axinn 105 printer is never responsive, and students must always go to the Davis library or another location. This is very inconvenient and frustrating. The wireless infrastructure in Axinn is is desperate need of major upgrades.

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