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Conan the Librarian Poster

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Conan the Librarian Poster

At the end of the spring semester we asked for suggestions on a poster in the lobby of the Main Library. The responses we received are recorded here (tagged as “Conan poster”). Which should we pursue? Share your thoughts by clicking on the “Comments” link below each posting.

Here’s what the poster said:

The Library can be a noisy place. What would you ask of others to make it more conducive to study during end-of-term and exam periods?

  • How can you help one another make the Library a better place for your studies?
  • How can Library & Information Services help?

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

(22 suggestions)

  • When you need to check out a book, be polite. Duh.
  • More free stuff!
  • Have nameplates for library desk staff, encourage use of names.
  • More bathing suits…
  • Ball pit.
  • Fix the tampon dispenser, for Christ’s sake! It’s been broken all year!
  • Fewer boards like this for me to read as a source of procrastination…
  • Better return your books on time!
  • How about allowing us to write our comments directly onto the poster-might be able to save paper this way (encourage others to write small)
  • Free t-shirts
  • Porno viewing lab is a must
  • The library is great, but public safety gives too many parking tickets. There are no places to park.
  • Pay the helpdesk students more! (2)
  • Blankets for student use!
  • Cleaner ladies rooms!
  • Keep this board-much more fun than online blog of similar function.
  • Open Axinn (please)
  • Don’t look at me!

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