WebMail or Gmail?

Do you think we should switch midd email accounts from Microsoft Outlook WebMail to Google Mail and Google Calendar?

  • Yes — everyone forwards their mail to Gmail anyway. Plus, the Wave is coming…
  • Yes!! Please let’s do so. Microsoft Outlook is so out of date.
  • Yes! (A faculty member)
  • Yes!!! Gmail is Awesome!
  • Definitely, everybody already does.
  • Yes, let’s use better technology!
  • Yes, please switch over ASAP.
  • Yes — so much easier and more compatible.
  • Absolutely! Gmail = more space + integrated system + plays well with browsers other than IE.
  • Yes — your email communication will last longer than your time in school . No space issues, let Google administer your email!
  • Yes, Gmail is far superior — way more storage.
  • Absolutely yes, Gmail is much easier to use because I can filter emails.
  • Yes, simplify email, save money, easy answer!
  • Yes, if Google doesn’t own all my stuff or invade my privacy.
  • I fear not having Gmail.
  • Wave is going to be so clutch, please, I want it!
  • Whatever you decide to do, I’ve been retrieving all Midd emails to my Gmail (using POP account settings) ever since I enrolled here…so frankly, I do not care…but it’s true that I like the expanded email attachment option (over 20MB) on MiddMail…
  • Recommendation: expand Outlook memory. It’s the only thing Gmail has on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Teach Microsoft R+D that they need to build better software. But I like MS Outlook’s lightweight feature and its simplicity.
  • Not until it has support to check account using iMap.
  • No, I can’t deal with Gmail.
  • No, I don’t want a commercial company crawling all over my email.
  • No, I like having separate accounts for school and play.
  • No, Google is too creepy.
  • No, seriously?

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