I wish I could get faster internet.

I wish I could get faster internet.

Could we make wireless faster? PLEASE!!! I was in the Five College district last week and the wireless was phenomenally fast.

Alternatively, could we borrow ethernet cords? Put it on our cards and borrow them out? I could help supply by getting the one thousand ethernet cords from the recycling center back to the library.

From Daniel

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  1. Carrie Macfarlane says:


    We’re trying. Really! You might have seen our comments here. Some students have reported that the signal has improved. Please do tell us where you find the connection is slower and we’ll see what we can do about it.

    We’ve considering loaning out ethernet cables, but we decided against it. I’ll check back to find out if anything has changed. In the meantime, have you considered purchasing your own ethernet cable from the Bookstore? That way, you’d always have an alternative no matter where you are on campus.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Thanks! I actually checked that thread right after I wrote this one. Sorry! Hmmm. Well, the wireless at Mount Holyoke was as fast as the ethernet internet here. Maybe I could ask them what their key is or something.

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