Contact HelpDesk via website

Link for emailing the Helpdesk DIRECTLY from the web, without having to use email. This is because a recurring problem (that is taking exceedngly too long to fix) is occuring. A number of people can’t log into their webmail middlebury address so they have no concrete way fo contacting the helpdesk from the coputers. And therefore they have no way to immediately communicate the continuation of the problem to support. When we call, we are asked “are you at a computer now?” Therefore, it seems a necessity to have a direct communication other than webmail to the helpdesk.

From Annalisa

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  1. Bryan Carson says:

    Dear Annalisa,

    Thanks for sharing this good suggestion. We’re now looking into providing an alternative method for contacting the HelpDesk. We also are committed to creating a ticketing system where people can log in to track the status of a request. That will be further down the road, though. For now, please feel welcome to call (443-2200), visit, or email ( from your non-Midd account.

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