Change passwords at a more convenient time

A professor’s point of view:  I don’t know if everyone has to change their password by next week but it is possibly the worst time of year in terms of being busy for faculty.  Two weeks later when grades are in would be much smoother I would think.  Just my two cents.


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  1. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    From Mike Roy:

    I asked around and here’s how this works. We require that you change your password every six months. As that time approaches, we start sending you annoying messages reminding you to change your password. The easiest way to avoid getting these annoying messages during non-busy times is to figure out when the non-busy times are (do they exist?) and change your password six months in advance of that, ideally during a time that is also not busy, since that will also be a time when we will send you annoying reminders to change your password.

    Here’s what the schedule would look like:

    June December
    July Jan
    August Feb
    Sept Mar
    Oct Apr
    Nov May

    I would guess that an early August/Feb schedule would be the best; thus, if you make a reminder to yourself to change your password in early August, then we’ll nag you again in Feb, and then again in August, and so on.

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