Need laptop locks!

We should be able to check out laptop locks.


2 Responses to “Need laptop locks!”

  1. Michael Roy says:

    Supplying cables to over 300 carrels would be a large budget expenditure, and would involve considerable staff time to process and maintain.
    We also think it is a student’s personal responsibility to secure personal belongings . We have tried to make it easier for students by drilling and installing holes in carrels at Main and branches to give users the option to increase security of personal or borrowed laptops by purchasing their own cables from the college bookstore.

    A couple of options for securing belongings are available at Main – but not all users at all times. Demand exceeds supply for both reservable carrels (202) and lockers (138). We loan out keys so that books, laptops and other personal belongings may be locked up in the cabinet attached to the senior thesis carrels – available on a first come first served basis to seniors writing a thesis.
    We loan out locker keys – available to any students, fac, or staff on a first come first served basis.

  2. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    We now have loaner laptop locks! Five laptop locks are now available for checkout at the Main Library Circulation Desk. We think it will be a nice option for students who want to secure their laptop temporarily at a carrel.

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