More options to lock computers

Need more places to lock computers to (like on the comfy chairs).


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  1. Michael Roy says:

    We are investigating ways to install hardware on the comfy chairs in a cost-effective and architecturally sensitive manner. Are there other places where we should be thinking about making this possible?

  2. Following up on this suggestion: We’ve investigated hardware options and have been unable to readily locate affordable hardware that would be user friendly. Also, we’ve noticed that almost no students are using lock down cables in locations where it’s possible to do so. While we may one day install hardware on the comfortable chairs, we’ve decided not to do it right now because our budgets have been cut and resources, both material and human, are very tight.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but for now, folks will just have to use lockers or carry their lap tops with them.

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