Being Quiet

Please keep cruising in the library at a minimum and please stop carrying on 10 min conversation w/ your friends nearby… “Psst!” I can hear your whispering and it’s ANNOYING/DISTURBING than actually talking regular volume. Go somewhere else!


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  1. Terry Simpkins says:

    Repeated from another, similar post….

    Libraries have faced tensions like this for a long time. In recent years, many college libraries, including Middlebury’s, have been conceived as much for collaborative uses as for individual study use, and balancing those uses can be a challenge. Another consideration is that the library is essentially the office for 70+ staff, and we do sometimes have group gatherings to either celebrate new arrivals, departures of long-time staff, or to celebrate achievements. Again, it’s all about balance.

    One nice thing about the new library building is that there are lots of nooks and crannies, especially on the upper floors, where peace and quiet generally reign. If the atmosphere on the main level is particularly loud, you might try searching out one of these quieter areas. Of course, if someone is being really loud or obnoxious, please report the situation to library staff. We really do want the library to be a comfortable workspace for everyone.

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