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Helpful Premiere Pro Shortcuts

So we all love editing, that’s why we chose this major, but sometimes we are in a hurry and need to export a video asa fast as we can. Although hanging in Axinn basement until 4AM may just be your “thing”, I want to make sure that you can get out of there quicker if […]


Intro: TouchDesigner

What is TouchDesigner? TouchDesigner is at its core a programming language. However, it probably looks and works quite different from the programming languages that you might have encountered before. First of all, Touch Designer is a visual programming language which means that instead of the code expressed in text, TouchDesigner utilizes visual and graphic elements […]

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Handy Effects in Premiere

Premiere Pro is a daunting program at first, there’s no two ways about it. Just looking at the number of buttons, switches, and sliders made my head spin when I first started using the program. Many beginners quickly pick up the basics of cutting but often avoid the Effects panel altogether because it is full […]

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