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The Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10 is a collection of professional sound effects that can be used in video and film projects. The effects library features more than 2300 clips for simple, royalty-free use. Each volume covers a specific category, making it easier to find a specific effect to suit your needs at any time. This is a great option for editors who would like to have a library of sound effects at their disposal.

Categories Covered
The library features over 2300 sound effects in 10 volumes. Each volume includes a table of contents to help you locate the effect you are looking for. Categories covered by this library include Animals, Natural Elements, Backgrounds, Home & Office, Impacts, Weapons & Explosions, Vintage Cartoon, Sports & Recreation, Vocals & Wallas, Vehicles, Sci-Fi, Horror, Explosions, Combat, Weaponry, Backgrounds & Weather and Period Effects.
High Quality Sounds
The sound effects included in this library come from Sony/Columbia Tristar’s extensive library. These effects have passed muster to be used in classic Hollywood films, they can certainly find a way into your production.
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