Matthews RoadFlags II Kit

Matthews RoadFlags II Kit

Matthews Studio Equipment presents a new, versatile solution to duplicating studio lighting effects on location.  Designed for today’s highly mobile, location shooter, RoadFlagsII offers a larger 4′ x 4′ (122cm x 122cm) surface lighting modification in a convenient, easy-to-use portable kit.  The “slip-on” fabrics allow for fast setup and packaging while offering larger fabric sizes to create a multitude of lighting effects.

RoadFlagsII Kit packs into a lightweight, self-contained easy-to-handle 28″ x 50″ (71cm x 127cm) soft bag.  RoadFlagsII Kit will easily pack into any automobile or location vehicle.

In addition to the list of fabrics included in a RoadFlagsII Kit, additional SLIP-ON light modification fabrics are available for RoadFlagsII and as instant recovers for standard 48″x48″ frames.  Now there is no need to return the frames to the factory for recovering.

999028 – RoadFlags II Kit includes:
2 breakdown, easy-to-assemble 48″x48″ (122cmx122cm) frames
1 each for single scrim, silk diffusion, silver lame reflector and solid shown in the thumbnails below
1 each carrying bag

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: RoadFlagsII are designed for use under a controlled environment.  Wind and/or other weather conditions may cause damage to this product.  While all Matthews products are guaranteed 100% against defects in materials and manufacturing, we cannot be held responsible for damae to products resulting from misuse.

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