Contest Festival

2023 YES Award – Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS The 2023 YES AWARD Young Emerging-Filmmakers Showcase First Prize:  $1,000 NO ENTRANCE FEE  OPEN TO:  FILM & MEDIA ARTS MAJORS Current Students & Recent Graduates up to 3 Years Post-Degree WEBSITE FOR DETAILS & ENTRY


Getting to know VR Digital Glitch

Have you ever wanted to add a nice glitch effect to your edit? Well you could do that by isolating RGB layers and doing a lot of keyframing, but no one wants to go through that hassle. Lucky for you, Adobe recognizes your plight and made an effect just for this! VR Digital Glitch can […]

Tech Assistant Tips

Finding Inspiration

We are back for another blog post. The past two weeks flew by so I really can’t believe that it’s already time for me to right another one of these things. No matter, here I am with a topic that is so important for all artists. Finding inspiration for creative projects. I think that we […]

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