Lighting Control


Lowel Full Scrim – a steel wire-mesh scrim covers the light and reduces it by approximately 50% (one f-stop).Will not diffuse or soften the light significantly.  Lowel_Full_Scrim
Lowel Half Scrim – half scrims are used to even the beam spread when lighting a subject or background from an angle.They compensate for light fall off.  Lowel_Half_Scrim
Lowel Omni Snoot – Use of a snoot will result in a small circle of light, when it is attached to the front of a light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the opening of the snoot, its length, and the distance of the subject. Consider them as a painter would a brush, or a sculptor would a knife, or chisel.Snoots reduce the beam-angle, creating a soft-edged circle of light.  Lowel_Omni_Snoot
Lowel Pro Snoot – This snoot fits directly over the Pro light. It produces a reduced, soft-edged circle of light.  Lowel_Pro_Snoot
Lowel Tota Umbrella – Fits directly onto Tota or Omni and ViP lights without tools, to convert them to soft shadow sources.  Lowel_Tota_Umbrella
MSE Lighting Control Kit – By using the different materials, you are able to quickly create contrasts, different light ratios, diffusion or block the light.The RoadRags Kit fits easily into most lighting kits.  MSE_Lighting_Control_Ki
MSE Road Rags – RoadRags are a portable lighting modification system that allows the location videographer the ability to quickly and easily duplicate studio lighting effects on location using their portable lights.By using the different materials the cinematographer is able to quickly create contrasts, different light ratios, diffusion or block the light.  MSE_Road_Rags
Westcott Illuminator Bounce Disc  Great portability is the advantage of two panels in one kit. It provides the ability to provide different light control when needed.The panels can be used separately to provide reflection or diffusion, but they can also be used in tandem.The diffusive panel can be used to soften shadows and the reflective panel can be used to bounce in reflected, controlled light.  Westcott_Bounce

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