Lowel InterlinkAllows multiple lights and accessories to be mounted close together on one light stand.  Lowel_Interlink
Lowel Scissor Mount – Enables attachment of small lights and accessories to grid of drop-ceilings in offices and other areas.  Lowel_Scissor_Mount
Lowel Spring Clamp – A versatile clamp with a double articulating fitting. Use it to position small lights, flags, and reflectors.  
Lowel Tota Clamp – Permits lights and other accessories to be mounted on a 5/8″ or smaller lightstand or stud. Lowel_Tota_Clamp
Lowel Tota Frame – Slips directly into the Tota-lite or Omni-lite fixture’s designated slot. The frame holds cut gels in front of lights. Lowel_Tota_Frame
Lowel Tota Tilter – A constant tension tilt bracket for mounting lightflector, small cameras, and accessories.  Lowel_Tota_Tilter
Lowel Tota Mount – This mounting device can be hung on doortops (open or closed) and gaffer taped to windows and wall surfaces.  Lowel_Tota_Mount
Manfrotto Sky Hook – A lightweight gaffer clamp, with adjustable jaws to handle tubes from 1″ to 2-1/2″. Features one fixed 5/8″ stud, and one 5/8″ socket with double-ended 3/8″ to 1/4″ spigot.  Manfrotto_Sky_Hook
MSE Mini Grip Kit – The kit can be used with camera attachments and other accessories as well as lighting equipment. These miniature tools are ideal for tabletop photography, car interiors, and confined areas.  MSE_Mini_Grip


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