Next week, Kristen Byers and Rob Horgan will be attending a two-day intensive workshop on social media and non-profits sponsored by the Non-profit Technology Network in San Francisco. TLC and Recruiting have generously provided the funding for this. The conference requires that two people from an organization attend: one broader marketing staff member and one […]

In keeping with stricter security measures now in place at Middlebury College, you will sooner or later find that your Middlebury Exchange (network) password will expire, and Outlook will either not let you log in with your old password, or will suddenly ask you to re-enter your password to continue using your Exchange account (your […]

Have you ever tried to find something on the MIIS website only to be given a PDF campus map as a search result?  You’re not alone and hopefully now those days are over!  The website now has incorporated a google search function into the website. Little known fact: MIIS actually is running 5 separate […]

The votes are in and the working group dedicated to creating a staff council structure will now move forward in creating a proposal for the 6-person staff advisory team.  56 staff members voted and gave important insight and feedback into the staff council structure.  The working group will now create a proposal that incorporates your […]

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