TA reveal – Misha

Hello everyone!

My name is Misha. I am a senior majoring in Studio Art and Film, and I just can’t imagine my life without images, still or moving. I am obsessed with any type of visuals, the weirder and the more eclectic – the better. Animation, character design, illustration, graphic design, and of course, filmmaking – all of these genres of art captivate me due to their emphasis on the image. My main artistic interest relates to merging different, at times, seemingly clashing images together to create surrealist multidimensional worlds. In a similar manner I have compiled a little collage to familiarize you with some of the media texts which have informed my growth as an artist and film enthusiast. I hope you will have fun trying to locate and identify each reference or character!

Looking forward to discussing (aka obsessing over) these and other films, video games, and animated shows during my working hours on Thursdays from 8pm until 12am in Axinn basement.

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