Crew Call for Feb Break!

Call for Crew

“Blue in Green”

SYNOPSIS: Jenn and Cody are a young Vermont couple who steal car batteries and other parts to pay for their heroin-addiction. Aaron is a struggling jazz musician whose mother is dying of cancer. He is also just getting his license back after getting busted for a DUI. Aaron house-sits for his parents while they are out of town getting his mother surgery, and gets wasted off of red wine and his mother’s medicinal marijuana. He then gets offered a last minute gig opening for a prominent musician, and once again gets behind the wheel in a far-from-sober state. But the car won’t start, and we cut Jenn and Cody, who have stolen its battery and other parts.

DATES: February 2nd-5th, 2018

WHO: Director Hannah Marks (2015.5) needs current Middlebury students who are looking for on-set crew experience! Must be familiar with the FMMC equipment and be available for at least 2 of the shooting days.

WHERE: Burlington and Fairfax, Vermont. Transportation and lodging can be provided if necessary.

CONTACT: Sinead (

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