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CASTING CALL – Actor Slates

Calling any and all actors. Or calling any and all people that don’t consider themselves actors but want to try it out anyway.

The Film and Media Culture Department is holding an open call for anyone interested in acting in student films. Simply prepare a short short monologue, sign up, show up, stand in front of a camera, recite said monologue, and leave. Easy enough. If this sounds like fun, read the specifics below and sign up for a short ten minute slot.

Sign Up:

When: Wednesday October 26, 3:00-5:00pm or 8:00-10:00pm

Where: Axinn Production Studio 001 (enter through the back doors by the Admissions building and go down one flight of stairs, follow the signs to the right)

What to Prepare: A very short (15-30 seconds) monologue. It can be from a TV show, movie, play, or anything else.

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