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August 6, 2009 | 1 Comment

Some of you who subscribe to the MIIS Yammer updates may have noticed that many recent posts are tagged “#10percent.” Here’s why:

This summer, a group of IT and TLC staff decided to take responsibility for their own professional development by adopting the “10 percent rule.” We made a commitment to each other: that we would each devote 10% of our time to learning new things that would help us do our jobs better. We agreed to post information about what we were learning to Yammer, so that other colleagues could benefit from our discoveries and be generally more aware of the kinds of things we are working on.

In the last three weeks, a lot of learning has been going on! There are 49 Yammer posts with the #10percent tag. Here’s a sample of what your colleagues have been learning:

Bob Cole has been experimenting with new tools for a MIIS blogging community. Check out the results. He also learned how to deeplink into a YouTube video, so that you can get directly to the portion of a video you want to reference.

Sarah Springer has been broadening her knowledge of emerging learning technologies through the Educause Learning Initiative’s “Seven Things You Should know About…” series.

Amy McGill learned how to build more engaging presentations by reading Presentation Zen, and is now following the associated web site.

Greg Harris discovered an interesting new tool called Flow that allows people to track time spent on digital projects. He’s also repurposed one of our older computers to run Ubunto 9.04 (linux).

Wen Lu has been doing a lot of reading on wireless networking, including investigation of Mac-specific issues, since we have more and more Macs appearing on campus.

Trinidad Gomez has been using a Deke McClelland One-on-One book to learn Photoshop. He also posted about a review of Shopcraft as Soulcraft, which prompted Amy McGill to take a look at this book as a possible “unbook club” choice.

Kristen Byers discovered dry-erase paint (after Bob Cole discovered blackboard paint). Check out her door! Kristen is also setting an ambitious learning agenda with 101 goals in 1001 days.

When is your Day Zero?  If you would like to join this initiative, just start learning, and sharing what you learn on Yammer.


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  1. Bob on August 7, 2009 10:59 pm

    I missed Trinidad’s Yam about soulcraft, but this post jogged my memory of a review or a mention of it somewhere recently. Going to pick it up as well. I wonder if we could get an M3 book club going. @adamfranco recently tweeted about an LIS goal that would seem to have some relevance here: http://twitter.com/adamfranco/status/3178370438 Thanks for the recap post. One of my goals is to better document my 10%!

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