With the closing of the Institute’s fiscal year on June 30th, Institutional Advancement also marked the end of its FY09 fundraising efforts.  While the economic downturn did present significant challenges, there are several bright spots to report:

The number of faculty/staff donors grew from 44 at the close of FY08 to 52 at the close of FY09 (18% increase)

The number of alumni donors grew from 131 at the close of FY08 to 162 at the close of FY09 (24% increase)

Overall cash received grew from $5,315,554 million in FY08 to $5,355,569 million in FY09 (a slight, slight increase)

While Institutional Advancement is the hub of these efforts, we could not have reached any of these results without the help of many across campus.  Special thanks to the Digital Media Commons for their help with our digital solicitation and stewardship pieces, Recruiting and Student Financial Services for providing us with many compelling student stories, and to the members of the academic leadership and faculty who have spent time with both our prospective and existing donors.  We look forward to, hopefully, even better results in the coming year! 


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