The Fisher Graduate School of International Business has been profiled by The Aspen Institute in their recently published “Guide to Socially Responsible MBA Programs:  2008 – 2009.”  The Fisher School is currently ranked 40th among the Global Top 100 schools for demonstrating significant leadership in integrating social and environmental issues into its MBA curriculum.

Since 2003 The Fisher Graduate School of International Business has been consistently ranked as a socially responsible MBA program by Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a biennial research survey looking at how well social and environmental issues are incorporated into the training of future business leaders. The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education, a program of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, published the data from the 2007 Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey for the first time ever in a guide marketed to both prospective MBA students and the business education community at large.

Invitations to participate in the 2007 survey were sent out to over 600 internationally accredited business schools with in-residence, full-time MBA programs. Schools receive an overall ranking, and are also ranked on four main categories:
–    Student Opportunity measures the number and enrollment of courses with social and environmental content;
–    Student Exposure is a measure of teaching hours dedicated to considering social and environmental issues;
–    Course Content is a breakdown of selected courses that highlight the role of mainstream business in improving social and environmental conditions; and
–    Faculty Research notes relevant articles published in leading academic journals.

The Fisher School ranked 40th overall in the survey, and received special recognition for Course Content (13th), Student Opportunity (26th) and Student Exposure (35th).

According to The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education, The Fisher School “….offers an excellent number of courses featuring relevant content, and does a truly extraordinary job in those courses explicitly addressing how mainstream business improves the world.”

For more information on the Fisher School’s profile in the survey, please visit


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  1. Lynn McDonald on March 6, 2009 11:15 am

    Very cool! Congrats!

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