The Office of International Services at MIIS and the Tax Office at Middlebury College provide support and resources to all international students and scholars in F, J, or H-1b who were employed in the U.S. in 2008.

California State Income Tax Workshop
The Office of International Services will hold a workshop on California State Tax Return Preparation on Monday, February 23rd at 5:00 pm in Irvine Auditorium. A representative from the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) will present on CA state tax issues for nonresident students and scholars.  In preparation for the presentation, please print the two Powerpoint presentations located on the OIS website at this link:

Federal Income Tax Information
This year MIIS and Middlebury are again making available the web-based tax preparation software program called CINTAX, available free for all students and scholars who are considered nonresident for tax purposes.  CINTAX allows you to easily prepare your federal income tax return from any computer connected to the internet.  The program should only take you twenty to forty minutes to complete your federal income tax return.  Once completed, CINTAX will produce (in PDF format) your completed federal income tax forms ready for printing, signature and mailing to the Internal Revenue Service.

You will be receiving additional information along with the password to CINTAX from Dr. Corinna Noelke at Middlebury very soon. Please note that the staff of the Office of International Services (OIS) cannot provide individual tax preparation information but there are a number of resources available to you on the OIS website:


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