Maureen Anda recently joined the Institute Advancement team as the Alumni Relations Coordinator. Maureen has been working in the Alumni Relations Office since November of 2007 on a temporary assignment with Office Team, Administrative Staffing. During this time, Maureen oversaw a major data project transferring and cross-referencing more than 13,000 paper transcripts into an electronic format, which will eventually lead to the inclusion of thousands of alumni records into Banner. She also worked with data entry and collection, survey development and merchandise sales.  In Maureen’s current position she will be the lead for alumni record management, as well as addressing the development and maintenance of a new alumni online community, among other projects.

Maureen grew up in Granada Hills, the suburbs just north of Los Angeles. She worked in her family’s real estate school, Miller Schools (a private vocational school specializing in real estate education) from 1983 to 1993.

Maureen and her husband Ismael started their own business in 1993; That’s Our Baby Catalog, a mail order catalog that featured infant and toddler products.  They relocated to the Monterey Peninsula in 1997 and she pursued her administrative career working with A.G. Davi Real Estate, in real estate property management, with John J. Eisinger DDS, Inc., as Financial Coordinator in their Orthodontic practice, and with CreekBridge Construction, a developer of quality homes and retail centers, in their Sales and Marketing Department.


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