Fifty staff members met Thursday afternoon in Irvine auditorium to initiate discussion about providing an ongoing and sustained voice for staff at the Monterey Institute.

The meeting was facilitated by Provost Amy Sands, but was quickly turned over to break-out groups of staff members who brainstormed possible approaches to representation.

There was broad interest in developing a vehicle analogous to the faculty senate that would represent staff perspectives and concerns in a constructive way that contributes to excellence across the institution.  A working group emerged from this meeting, charged with looking at next steps, such as:

1) Getting more info about who staff are at MIIS;
2) Looking at other institutions to see how their staffs are organized,
starting with Middlebury;
3) Talking to Jeff Wood and others who might have been directly
involved with previous MIIS Staff Groups;
4) Expanding the group of 6 to include 10-12 core members since several staff groups could not attend yesterday’s meeting.

The working group members are:

Karen Weiss
Priscilla Lorenzo
Toni Thomas
Lynn McDonald
Susan Wolfe
Erika Johnson


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  1. Angie Quesenberry on December 12, 2008 10:58 am

    I would like to see representation also by job description. I am interested in the administrative assistant staff having a voice as we have different needs and requests than let’s say managers or directors.

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