On October 9, a group of faculty and administrators participated in a conference call with Jerry Trapnell, Executive Vice President and Chief Accreditation Officer of AACSB.  This call was arranged by President Clara Yu to discuss the changes underway at the Institute and to identify the reporting requirements for AACSB’s accreditation process. This action was prompted by concerns expressed by students, alumni, and others about the impact of the impending structural reorganization on the AACSB accreditation of the Institute’s MBA program. Trapnell outlined the substantive change process that we need to follow in the coming months,  and reassured us that there were no inherent obstacles to continuing accreditation, but rather an overriding focus on program quality. Trapnell indicated that, while our reorganization appears to be a rational approach to the allocation of resources, AACSB will need to know the details and be reassured that MIIS can deliver on its promise of not only protecting but strengthening the quality of the business program. This call was the latest in a series of several conversations with Mr. Trapnell that began before the reorganization plan was anounced, and work is already underway on a substantive change report that will outline our plans for ensuring continuing program strength.

You can download a complete report on the call here.


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