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September 16, 2008 | 1 Comment

Digital Media Commons logo The Digital Media Commons, or “DMC” in campus-speak, was one of fifteen pizza groups established last Fall during the first innovations campaign last year.  The DMC is now a part of the Teaching & Learning Collaborative with an emphasis on innovation and project development supporting academic excellence on campus.

Our Mission

The mission of the DMC is to connect the Monterey Institute with the world through digital media by creating opportunities for students, faculty and staff to develop, produce and distribute digital media projects in order to document achievements, strengthen professional skills, and raise the Institute’s visibility.

Since April, development of the Digital Media Commons has continued to move forward, and activities here have been greatly bolstered with funding and support from the Academic Excellence initiative.

What the DMC does

DEVELOPMENT: We support your terrific ideas by first having a conversation with you about what you would like to create and about the media project cycle.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE: We offer scheduled group and individual just-in-time training and we point you to resources to help you through the project cycle.

DISTRIBUTION: We help you think about how to get your message out where you want it to go: streaming live, recorded for podcast, or burned to disc.

Our Location

As a result of collaborative discussions with ITS and Lab & Media Services, the DMC now has a physical presence in the upstairs foyer of the Kade Building (formerly a student work area).

Contact Us

Have an idea you want to develop that includes digital video, audio, or images?  E-MAIL to make an appointment: [dmc at].

New Equipment

new iMacsSix 20” iMac computers have been purchased with Kade Foundation grant funds for digital media production.  These computers were installed in the new DMC space in August and will be a base for project development and production.  They each have 500 GBs of storage, 2GB of RAM and support digital video, photo, and audio editing.  They purposely do not run Microsoft Office, First Class e-mail or Outlook.  Additional Academic Excellence funding has also been allocated for equipment and software resources.  We are currently researching the purchase of a couple of digital audio recorders, a digital camera, a large plasma monitor for projection during trainings, a wireless microphone set-up, and a few others.

Awesome New Staff!
Academic Excellence funds have also enabled us to hire a fantastic team of graduate assistants working as  “Digital Media Developers,” and “Instructional Design Assistants.”  Together this team will greatly extend the reach of the DMC and the TLC this year!

Jeremy Robinson, DMC Manager, TFL Spanish ‘09

Digital Media Developers
Pilar Chaves, IEP ‘10
Sai Fernandez, IPS ‘09
Luis Gain, IPS ‘10
Ryan Gonzalez, IPS ‘10
DeVan Hankerson, ITP ‘10

Instructional Design Assistants
Anna Bellerson, TFL German ’10
Edie Furniss, TFL Russian ’10

Stay tuned for more news from the DMC!


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  1. Lynn McDonald on September 17, 2008 11:32 am

    Nice photos Bob!!!

    The DMC rocks and you all should come up and visit us in the third space…

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