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Additional Funding Available for Continuing Students

Limited funds have been made available for the Fall of 2008/Spring of 2009 for continuing students.

These funds will be awarded on the basis of merit, levels of educational debt and financial need.

Applications must be submitted via email (finaid@miis.edu) to the Office of Student Financial Planning.

The deadline to apply is 4:00pm Friday, October 17, 2008.

Any student meeting the following criteria is eligible to apply:

a) Must have a Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.4 at the Monterey Institute

b) Must be a full-time student

c) Must demonstrate evidence of financial need and/or high levels of existing educational debt

-US Citizens and Permanent Residents need to complete the 2008 FAFSA

d) Students already receiving scholarships and/or grants of $10,000 or more are not eligible to apply.

International Students are eligible to apply if they meet the above criteria, with the exception of having to complete the 2008 FAFSA.

To apply, please describe in 400 words why you feel you are deserving of additional funding to complete your education.

Students will be notified via email no later Friday, October 24.


Regina Garner

Director, Office of Student Financial Planning Monterey Institute of International Studies An affiliate of Middlebury College 460 Pierce Street Monterey, CA 93940

(831)647-4119 Phone
(831)647-6685 Fax

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