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Announcing Your New and Improved Samson Center Dining Room!Over the semester break, the Samson Center Dining Room has undergone renovations designed to provide students with a more comfortable and efficient environment for both dining and study. The newly revamped Dining Room will re-open on February 2nd, with expanded seating and an exciting new food service vendor, “The World Cafe”.

“The World Cafe” will initially be open Monday – Friday from 7:30AM to 7:00PM, serving a variety of menu options, including breakfast cereals, grilled items, roasted chicken, fish, vegetarian options, and Mexican and Asian cuisine, among others. “The World Cafe” will also feature cappuccinos and espressos. Stop by and try them out soon and keep your eye out for additional postings of their menu and other features.

***Please note that the two rows of tables closest to the food service area will be reserved for “dining only” from 11AM – 2PM Monday through Friday.***

New renovations in the Dining Room include:

• Three newly installed countertop workstations and accompanied new seating, with additional electrical outlets for laptops.
• Four new cafe-style tables and new seating.
• New, comfortable four-inch seat cushions on all chairs in the Dining Room.

More Space to “Plug In” and Get Straight to Work
(without taking up tables!)

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