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Battery Recyling Program

Dear Monterey Institute Community,Congratulations! Due to your outstanding efforts, both our Battery Recycling Program and Rideshare Program have produced amazing results.

Since the Battery Recycling program began in early 2008, we have recycled an estimated 310 lbs. of batteries in a responsible and environmentally friendly way! Our 50 dedicated Rideshare members have walked, biked, bussed or carpooled 2,287 days, and counting. Way to go, Monterey Institute!

As a continued effort toward a “green” campus, we would like to remind the community that there are fourteen convenient battery recycling containers on campus. The containers are small, white, and marked USED BATTERIES.
You may dispose of your old alkaline, rechargeable or cell phone batteries at any of the following locations:

The GSIPS Dean’s Office
The William Tell Coleman Library
Kade – near the front desk
Holland Center – inside next to the book shelf Student Affairs – near the reception desk Samson Reading Room Office Services Casa Fuente Second Floor – IAO office The GSLEL Dean’s Office The GSTI Dean’s Office McGowan 1st floor – inside the door on the right McGowan 2nd floor – in room 210 McGowan 3rd floor – FGSIB reception desk in the Dean’s Office CNS Building -upstairs in the mailroom

To see a map of these locations please click on this link:http://www.miis.edu/docs/sustainability/Battery%20Recycling%20Locations.pdf

Our on-the-go, portable lifestyles require that we use a significant amount of battery power. If disposed of improperly, these batteries may end up in landfills and incinerators allowing the toxic chemicals to leak into the environment and eventually end up in the food chain, causing serious health risks to humans and animals. We encourage all to use the battery recycling containers to dispose of your dead batteries.

Please note that the recycling facility does not accept the following
items: computer batteries, battery chargers, car batteries, and small electronics.

Thank you in advance for your effort to keep our environment safe for future generations! Please, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our Battery Recycling or Rideshare Rewards Programs.

~ Maggie Peters

Maggie Peters
Master of Business Administration
M.A. International Environmental Policy
Candidate, May 2009
Monterey Institute of International Studies maggie.peters@miis.edu


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