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$500 Give away!

The Monterey Institute Virtual Bookstore and the Middlebury College Bookstore will be giving away ten $50 textbook gift credits on Friday February 6, 2008. The credits will be for those who bought their books through the Monterey Institute Virtual Bookstore.Rules:
1. You must be a Fan of the Middlebury College Bookstore on Facebook:

2. You must be listed as a Friend on Facebook:

3. You must be enrolled for the spring semester 2009 at Monterey Institute.

4. You must have purchased at least $50 in books through the Monterey Institute Virtual Bookstore for spring semester by February 6, 2008 by noon 12:00 pm pacific time:

5. You must be listed as attending this event.

Failure to follow any one of the above rules will disqualify you from winning.

The ten winners will be chosen from those attending the event, and meet the requirements of five rules above. I will email the ten winners after 5:00 pm Friday February 6, 2008.

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