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Join the Rideshare Rewards Program and claim your chance to win $1000!MIIS has been a registered member of this government sponsored program since the fall of 2007. Joining the program is easy! All you have to do is drop your member application off at the President’s Office and hand your monthly logs in at the President’s Office end of each month. For every day you carpool, vanpool, bicycle, walk, or ride the bus your name will be entered into a monthly drawing to win $1000!

So far, our 50 Rideshare members logged a total of 2,287 days of alternate transportation use, two MIIS students have won $1000 each, and other students have won prizes such as an iPod and an eco-tour vacation!

Here is how you can become a member:

Step 1: Download a membership application from [ http://www.commutealternatives.info/rewards.html

Step 2: Drop your application off at the Reception Desk in the President’s Office.

Step 3: Keep monthly commute logs tracking the number of days you use alternative transportation. Then turn them in to Barbara Burke by the 26th of each month for signature. Logs will be faxed to Commute Alternatives for the drawing. The drawing winner will be announced by the 5th of the following month.

Drawings will occur each month throughout the academic year.

Remember, each day counts as an entry in to the drawing!

The Rideshare Rewards Program is offered by AMBAG, a governmental organization, to registered members throughout the region. The mission of AMBAG’s Commute Alternatives program is to “reduce traffic congestion and automobile emissions while optimizing the use of existing transportation infrastructure in the Monterey Bay region.” You can help fufill this mission. Join the program today!

Thank you!
~ Maggie Peters

Maggie Peters
Master of Business Administration
M.A. International Environmental Policy
Candidate, May 2009
Monterey Institute of International Studies maggie.peters@miis.edu


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