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Dear Students,

The MAP Peer Mentor Program is looking for mentors for the Fall 2009 semester. We have many new students coming this fall, please take advantage of this exciting opportunity to be a peer mentor by applying online at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html !

Dear incoming and first year Monterey Institute students,

Here is another update on the number of mentee positions that the MAP Peer Mentor Program currently has available for Spring 2009.

International Trade Policy (ITP): 7 positions

MBA: 6  positions

Translation and Interpretation (TI): 1 position

Masters of Public Administration in International Management (MPA): 4 positions (2 of which can be PCMI oriented)

*Please note: mentee positions for the IEP, IPS, TESOL and TFL programs have been filled at this time.*

Please remember, space in the program is limited and mentorships are first come first serve.

If you are interested in having a peer mentor for spring 2009, please apply online at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentee.html no later than Tuesday, January 20th so that we can begin the matching process and match you with a mentor.

Please apply as soon as possible before January 20th due to the limited number of mentee positions that are available.

If you have any questions please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you as well as hoping to have you as a participant of the MAP Peer Mentor Program for Spring 2009!

Best regards,

Gail Lu
Coordinator of Student Services and MAP Peer Mentor Program

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