Electro-Voice RE16


Access Privileges: Must have taken Sight and Sound II (FMMC 0335) or Sound Aesthetics and Production (FMMC 0346)


The Electro Voice Model RE16 is a Variable-D dynamic supercardioid microphone designed for the most exacting professional use. It is like the RE15, except that it uses a unique blast filter. The blast filter, an integral part of the RE16, permits hand-held and outdoor use without “P-popping” or excessive wtnd noise. Utilizing the Variable-D design the RE16 features a directional characteristic independent of frequency. The result is a microphone that generates little off axis coloration while providing the greatest rejection of unwanted sounds. A supercardiold, the RE16 provides its greatest rejection at 150° off axis. An easily operated “bass tilt” switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer reach situations.

– Variable-D® dynamic podium or handheld microphone
– Tight, supercardioid pattern is usually uniform over a wide frequency range — for uniform sound quality at all pickup angles
– Variable-D® design virtually eliminated the up-close bass boost (proximity effect) that can make vocals sound “muddy”
– Excellent for podium use where high intelligibility is important
– Low Frequency Roll-Off: Bass Tilt Switch
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