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2nd Annual Pedagogy and Technology Fair – May 26th, 10:00 – 12:00, Great Hall

Across the curriculum, Middlebury faculty are using technology in a number of creative ways to redesign, enhance, and augment their teaching and instruction. Join us in the Great Hall at McCardell Bicentennial Hall for the 2nd Annual Pedagogy and Technology Fair. Faculty will demonstrate their uses of technology and discuss their experiences in an informal […]

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Podcasting Lectures – Prof. James Morrison

Technology Used: Podcasting Course: PS0304 International Political Economy (Spring 2009) Number of Students: 31 Objectives: To better serve the students and democratize education. Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Better retention and understanding Actual Learning Outcomes: Some on both fronts Summary of Poster Session: James Morrison explained how he uses podcasts to record his lectures so that after […]

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Using Second Life for Political Simulation – Prof. Quinn Mecham

Technologies Used: Second Life; Blogs, Wikis. Course: Political Science 103: Intro to Comparative Politics Number of Students: 50 Objectives: “Provide a political simulation experience for my students, and conduct an experiment to determine if it was possible to create a virtual state in which people would actively participate.” Summary of Poster Session: Quinn Mecham and […]

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South China Sea WWW Virtual Library – Prof. David Rosenberg

Technologies Used: website:, Google Earth, Google Map, Google News Search, CD Course: PSCI 214 – International Environmental Politics Number of Students: 45 Objectives: “To integrate research and teaching, to promote student-faculty collaboration.” Summary of Poster Session: David Rosenberg and several of his students showed the website that is a resource for students in David’s […]

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Analyzing Data with ArcGIS and Stata – Prof. Caitlin Myers

Technologies Used: ArcGIS; Stata (Statistical Analysis Software) Course: Economics 1008 Deconstructing Discrimination (Winter Term 2009) Number of Students: 20 Assistance: Jack Cuneo, a tutor in the media lab (ArcGIS help) Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Experience with  collecting data and performing empirical analysis, familiarity with the  capabilities of ArcGIS software, ability to use  Stata software. Summary: “My […]

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Capturing Video from Google Earth Pro for Visualization of Landscape Development – Chris Fastie, Visiting Research Scholar

Technology Used: Google Earth Pro, GPS, digital video camera, Adobe Premiere Pro Course: Environmental Studies 1011 – Reading Nature’s Winter Landscape Number of students: 15 Photo by Carrie Macfarlane Text by  Chris Fastie and Carrie Macfarlane For ten years, Chris Fastie, Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Biology, had been laboring to map the […]

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Facebook in Large Lecture Courses – Professor Jeff Byers

Technology Used: Facebook Courses: Organic Chemistry 2  (implemented twice), and Advanced General Chemistry (implemented once) Number of students: Approximately 70 in Organic Chemistry 2, and approximately 25 in Advanced General Chemistry Photo by Carrie Macfarlane When Professor Jeff Byers, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was looking for an online discussion tool for Organic Chemistry 2 […]

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Photo of Pedagogy & Technology Fair

Photo by JoAnn Brewer Sixteen faculty and staff members from across the College presented their work at the first-ever Pedagogy and Technology Fair on Thursday June 4, 2009, in the Harmon Reading Area of the Main Library.


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