Some general feedback that we have gotten from students about Moodle is frustration with having to scroll to the current week’s information. “Isn’t there a way that the most current info can be listed first?”
Good news! There is! The first step is to change your course format to Collapsed Topics. (You can do this under your course settings.) When you make this change several other fields will become available to you in the Course Settings page.


Course settings


In the Set Structure field, select either “Current Topic First” or “Current Week First”. The Collapsed Topic format (with default settings) will look similar to this:

Collapsed Topic view

By clicking the triangle on the left hand side of the content column that section will expand. (The Set Elements field allows you to remove the “Toggle” text.)
This video provides more details on how to set your current topic/week, and how this will appear to students. (Keep in mind that the video is presented by another college so the theme is different than ours at Middlebury.)
Please let us know if you have any questions ( (Also,  as always, it’s best to try out these changes before class starts so you can feel comfortable with the way the site functions with the new format.)