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eBook: Applying Science of Learning in Education: Infusing Psychological Science into the Curriculum (2014)

Interested readers can find this eBook online via the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Article: A Scavenger Hunt Exercise to Teach Research Methodologies

Are you looking for an active learning exercise to assist with research instruction? Check out this article from the Chronicle by Adeline Koh.  

Article: What Makes an Online Instructional Video Compelling?

“Online courses and programs continue to expand.1 The potential benefits of online programs often cited include the ability to reach different audiences such as nontraditional students, working professionals, and international students; the variability and flexibility of online learning tools; and the possible reduction of costs — particularly relevant given rising tuition.” Read full article here>> […]

Article: Is Your Use of Social Media FERPA Compliant?

Article from Educause review online published 2/24/2014 “It is hard to imagine holding a university-level class today in which students do not engage with the web or social media in one form or another, whether by using Google search, bookmarking or sharing an article, taking an online survey, posting or commenting on a blog, or […]

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