Campaign Merchandise Website


This is one of several shirts available for purchase on Trump’s official campaign merchandise website. The simplistic yet powerful design focus on his name and displays his campaign slogan under it. The shirt also contains our national colors of red, white, and blue. While most American citizens already know who Donald Trump or have heard of his name before, this shirt represents another way through which Trump can get his name out there and promote himself and his campaign.


This camouflage hat with Trump’s campaign slogan targets conservative nonmetropolitan Americans. The camouflage also has a militaristic element to it and can be seen as a symbol of support for our military.


This dog shirt just feeds into the common belief among Americans that Trump is not afraid to go above and beyond and can take things to an extreme. He is willing to do anything and everything to further his campaign and win the nomination, and he can afford to do that will all the money he has.