*Interestingly, Trump does not have many television ads. On his website, the only ads are radio ads. Due to his celebrity status, Trump does not need to get his name out there as much as other candidates do. People already know who he is, so he and his team can focus their efforts on other aspects of his campaign. Not surprisingly, it was hard to find positive campaign ads about him on the Internet. Most of the videos on YouTube about Trump are mockeries and parodies of him and what he has done and said. Most of Trump’s videos are of him speaking from his office, and there are many negative campaign ads that attack other presidential candidates.

Radio Ads 

First Radio Ad (November): Surprisingly, a woman is speaking, not Donald Trump.

Second Radio Ad (November): Donald Trump is speaking.

Key themes from the radio ads:

-“Politicians are all talk, no action”

-Negotiate great trade deals

-Stop immigration: secure our borders, build a wall

-“Make America Great Again”

Iowa Youth Caucus Ad

Negative Campaign Ads

Attack Ad on Jeb Bush:

Mock Ad of Hillary Clinton: