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-Trump has never had an alcoholic drink, due to his brother’s alcoholism.

-Donald Trump quadrupled his wealth from from $1 Billion to $4 Billion since 1988.

-Trump is the only presidential candidate with his own board game, titled Trump: The Game. The monopoly-like game launched in 1989 and was ultimately discontinued after dismal sales and poor reviews.

-In 1999, Donald Trump showed some interest in running for the position of the President of the United States of America on a ticket from the Reform Party for the elections in the year 2000. He didn’t.

-Much of the media treated Trump with great snark—either openly dismissing him or reporting on his exploits—until he shot up to second place in the Republican polls

-The data Google provided  showed that 62 percent of Google searches from the public about the GOP candidates were about Trump, more than all of the party’s other hopefuls combined.

-Donald Trump has garnered a lot of negative political press, partly because he does not have a filter.

-Donald Trump, however, has gained the most media coverage. This is because journalists, during elections, tend to cover candidate’s personalities rather than their policies and stances. It is the reason why Trump has been successful.

-Political satirists have portrayed him as a racist and a morally twisted individual, especially towards Mexican immigrants. 

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“Trump is a media master who knows how to keep stoking a story by doubling and tripling and quadrupling down. And the press is now happy to play along for ratings and clicks, turning the campaign coverage into The Daily Donald.”

Howard Kurtz, “All Trump All The Time: How The Donald Achieved Media Domination,”, July 10, 2015.

-He opened the show by claiming he was a “nice guy” who held no grudges by welcoming who he thought was Rosie O’Donnell — a frequent sparring partner — onstage. Trump showed that he was willing to laugh at his much-maligned accusations of misogyny.

-Wants to make America “great” again but does not have any specific plans.