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Social media has played an unforeseen role in the 2016 presidential race so far and remains an extremely important factor in all of the candidates’ presidential campaigns. Trump and his campaign also rely heavily on social media to promote Trump, and much of Donald Trump’s current 2016 presidential campaign has been covered and analyzed via social media. The infographic above pokes fun at Trump and how he has used the media in his campaign. It mocks the controversial ways in which he interacts with the media. This infographic relates to how Trump uses his celebrity status to his advantage. He says whatever he wants to say and knows that most of his supporters will believe whatever he says, even if it is not true. The issue of fact-checking has also been brought up with Trump. Yet, even when his lies are exposed, he dismisses them and is still able to maintain his popularity. As part of the celebrity culture, his supporters are more interested in his appearance than in what he actually has to say. Trump’s contentious strategy has played to his advantage thus far and is one reason why he is still leading the Republican polls.