Segue from Segue: Strategy and Timeline

The Library and Information Services (LIS) Curricular Technology (CT) team will be leading the project to phase out Segue and find one or more replacements for it.  The team will definitively use the Middlebury Web Makeover project as a model for how to engage the college community in this critical transition (for more information on why we are doing this, see: Segue Decommissioning).  Indeed many of the team members are actively involved in managing different aspect of the transition to the new college site.

Currently the team is reviewing the many course sites and curricular resources that have been developed over the years at Middlebury in Segue and other platforms.  From this review we hope to get a sense of how faculty and students are using technology in their teaching, learning and research.

Based in these findings the team will help coordinate the formation of curricular technology focus groups to define the functional requirements for platforms replacing Segue.  We also hope that these focus groups will help draft a set of survey questions that we can send out to the entire college community.  Our goal is to engage as much of the college community as possible.

Project Timeline

The CT team is committed to making recommendations for Segue replacements by the end of the Spring semester (May 2010).  We will be publishing a more detailed timeline in the next week or so.

2 thoughts on “Segue from Segue: Strategy and Timeline

  1. Mary Ellen Bertolini

    We’ve been discussing decommissioning segue for some time now with the only suggested alternative offered as Word Press. I’ve certainly used both segue and blogs successfully. I currently use Word Press blogs for several things, but a blog is not the same as a course management system. I’d love to see some links to other course management systems we might be considering.

    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      The Curricular Technology team agrees that WordPress will probably not meet the needs of all faculty and students for course and curricular resource sites and we have been researching other platforms. We’ll publish a list of these shortly.

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