Moodle Workshop

NOTE: This is a work in progress.  We welcome your comments!

Overview of Curricular Platforms

Course hub: starting point for all course sites
Moodle: resources and activities
WordPress: posts and pages

Creating a Course Site

  • course site formats (weekly vs topics)
  • show gradebook to students
  • show activity reports
  • assigning roles and switching roles

Anatomy of a Moodle Site

  • toggle between view and edit mode
  • add a resource
  • add an activity
  • add a block
  • UI/links for edting, reordering and deleting
  • UI/links for visibility and group modes
  • Switch role to… options

File Management

  • Add a resource > Link to a file or website
  • Add a resource > Display a directory
  • Uploading zip files

Assignment Submission

  • Add an Activity > Assignments > Advanced uploading of files
  • Assignments module settings
  • Assignment submission workflow
  • Assignment review and grading workflow


  • forum types
  • subscription options
  • tracking
  • grading
  • group mode


  • grader report
  • user report
  • grade categories, items and aggregation

Moodle + WordPress

  • Linking to a WordPress Site
  • Including WordPress RSS feed in Moodle
  • Assignments
    • Moodle for assignments submitted to instructor
    • WordPress for peer review assignments

Moodle Resource Sites

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