Segue Migration and Technology Work Sessions

Beginning Jan. 1st, 2012, we will be disabling the creation of new sites in Segue with the goal of eventually turning off Segue on August 31, 2012.  To help faculty move their Segue sites to other platforms, we have scheduled a number of Segue Migration Workshops:

  • 1-2pm, Tues, Jan 10th, Library 105 (sign up)
  • 2-3pm, Weds, Jan 11th, Library 105 (sign up)
  • 1-2pm, Weds, Jan 18th, Library 105 (sign up)

Assistance with migrating Segue sites will also be available during Curricular Technology work sessions:

  • 2-3 pm, Jan 12th, Library 105 (sign up)
  • 3-4 pm, Jan 19th, Library 105 (sign up)
  • 11 am-12 pm, Jan 24th, Library 105 (sign up)
  • 2-3 pm, Jan 26th, Library 105 (sign up)

Finally we will also be offering more workshops on WordPress and Moodle:

  • 3-4pm, Jan 11th, Library 105, Introduction to Moodle (sign up)
  • 2-3pm, Jan 18th, Library 105, Introduction to Moodle (sign up)
  • 4-5pm, Jan 11th, Library 105, Introduction to WordPress (sign up)
  • 4-5pm, Jan 18th, Library 105, Introduction to WordPress (sign up)

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