WordPress Workshop

NOTE: This is a work in progress.  We welcome your comments!

Overview of Curricular Platforms

Course hub: starting point for all course sites
Moodle: resources and activities
WordPress: posts and pages

Creating a WordPress Site

  • Creating site from Course Hub vs WordPress Add Site page
  • Naming conventions for course sites
  • Defining access via Settings > Privacy
  • Adding Users (including class groups)
  • Defining roles for users (especially students)
  • Setting up site “home” page
  • Choosing a theme and defining layout
  • Using a course template

Anatomy of a WordPress Site

  • Switching from viewing site to Dashboard
  • Adding Posts, Pages and Widgets
  • Adding links
  • Adding Media (files, images, audio and video)
  • Posts vs Pages


  • Adding and editing posts
  • Categorizing and tagging posts
  • Using posts for blogging and announcements
  • Using posts for assignments
  • Using categories to organize assignment posts by assignment
  • Using Author widget to organize assignment posts by student


  • Adding and editing pages
  • Organizing pages by creating sub-pages
  • Using pages for course information
  • Using pages for assignment descriptions

WordPress + Moodle

  • Linking to a Moodle Site
  • Assignments
    • Assignment description in WordPress
    • Assignment submission in Moodle
  • Course Resources
    • Course information in WordPress
    • Course files in Moodle

WordPress Resource Sites

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