Curricular Platforms Overview

The Course Hub will be the definitive starting point for all online course resources.  The Course Hub is configured to connect to WordPress, ERES and soon the new Moodle our new learning management system (LMS).

Below are some of the common ways course sites are used and a comparison of how Moodle and WordPress are designed to support such usage.

For a side by side comparison of these platforms see sites for hypothetical course on
Technology Moodle | WordPress

Access Control and Sharing

Moodle WordPress
  • public guest access
  • students in class
  • selected Midd users
  • public
  • Midd community
  • student in class
  • selected Midd users

Course Information and Resources

Moodle WordPress
  • files, links
  • course information organized by week


Example sites:
Millennial Media (restricted access)
Plant Community Ecology (restricted access)

  • posts and pages
  • images, audio and video
  • hierarchically organized course information

Example sites:
Aesthetics of the Moving Image
Plant Community Ecology

Online Discussion

Moodle WordPress
  • online discussion that consists of topics
  • discussion email notification
  • discussion is separate class groups
  • online discussion that is based on blog posts
  • discussion notification by RSS

Example sites:
Human-Environment Interactions
中国现当代小说 Modern Chinese Literature


Moodle WordPress
  • assignments submitted to instructor and graded
  • assignments posted to site for peer review


Moodle WordPress
  • for assignments that will be graded
  • online discussion that will be graded
  • online quizzes
  • no assessment tools…

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    The links to example sites for Moodle no longer work, except for the first side by side comparison one at the top. It would be great if this linked to screenshots instead.

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