Segue Decommissioning

LIS has created this site in order to keep all faculty and staff who use and/or support Segue informed about the College’s decision to move to a different curricular content management system.

We have decided to discontinue the development of Segue and to begin the process of choosing a new tool for creating course websites and curricular resources.  While Segue has served the college community well over the last six years, new systems are emerging on the market that offer similar features and functionality and bring with them large communities of developers and users.

Segue will continue to be available for use for at least the next academic year, and very likely for the following year as well. In the Fall, we will form a team of faculty, students, and staff to survey our options and collect requirements in order to choose a new tool.

If you are already familiar with Segue, we recommend that you continue to use it; if you are not already using Segue, we recommend that you work with your LIS Liaison to consider options other than Segue, including WordPress, a blogging tool that many faculty have found to be very effective for developing course websites. Over the summer, we’ll be adding to this site in order to explain our rationale for discontinuing development, and to share our preliminary thoughts on how this transition will work. As we work with the Faculty LIS Advisory Committee to develop more specific plans, we will post them there, and also keep you informed through email updates.

We certainly recognize that these sorts of changes are disruptive, and are committed to minimizing these disruptions, and to making the conversion of materials in Segue to the new tool as easy as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and if you wish to participate in the upcoming evaluation process.

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