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When China Met Russia

As told by Karen Liu (NYMP13)

Ni hao ma? [How are you?]” my Posse older sibling greets me in Mandarin Chinese.

Norminah! [Alright!]” I would respond in Russian. “Kak dela? [How are you?]

Wo hen hao. [I’m well],” replies Luis, a fourth-year Posse scholar, in Chinese again.

The conversation would then follow with Luis asking a clarifying question about Chinese grammar while I ask him how to translate a phrase from English to Russian. Once we have exchanged our mini-language lessons, we would hug, say goodbye in Russian/Chinese and then depart for our respective classes. [While these encounters were frequent,] Our language exchanges also often extend beyond the minute-long mini-lessons.

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Rana for First-Year Senator

As told by Rana Abdelhamid (NYMP13).

My name is Rana Abdelhamid and I am running for First Year Senator for the class of 2015. Ever since I arrived on campus I have been inspired by all the extraordinary work that Middlebury students are doing on campus and that has pushed me to pursue my own passion in leadership [positions] as well. [Back] In New York City, I was involved in a lot of leadership roles, from student government to just being an older sister. Now as a student at Middlebury College, I would like to take on a new role as the voice for my class. I believe that the concerns of the class should be addressed which is why my campaign involves listening to students’ concerns and addressing them into my platforms. (This is why my fliers contain direct quotes from students about problems that they want to address.) As a First Year Senator I will continue to listen to the voices of my peers and ensure that they are brought to the table. I am also a part of Middlebury Posse 13 and the Posse community at Middlebury has really empowered me for this position through all of the support that they have to offer. Don’t forget to vote!

Elections are being held TODAY (Monday, October 10th, 2011)

Look for the e-mail from the SGA.

UPDATE: Congratulations To Rana! We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear about your great work on the SGA.

Feet On the Ground

As told by Philip Williams (NYMP13)

“To be honest, my experience at Middlebury so far encompasses a lot. All in all I love my time here. Middlebury is everything that I expected it to be and more than I could have hoped for. Are classes kicking my ass? Yes, and they are doing a thorough job of it but that is part of the thrill. I have work that I am interested in and my professors are all quite competent and intelligent.


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Posse, can I trust you?

Can you name them all yet?

From Zeke (MP13)

“Overwhelmed with the newfound emotions for the members of our Posse at YMCA Greenkill Retreat Center, Middlebury Posse 13 smiles for the camera outside our home for this memorable weekend. -July 17, 2011”



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