Our Missions

When we first envisioned this blog, we had three overarching goals in mind and they are:


  • To create a space where the Posse community at Middlebury could highlight and showcase their engagements on and off the Middlebury campus.


  • To facilitate an online community where the Posse community at Middlebury could engage with each other on topics that are pertinent to them.


  • To establish an informal and formal communication system for but not limited to current scholars, alumni, pre-collegiate scholars, mentors, staffs, faculties, plussers, other members of the Middlebury community and any interested potential participants.


Obviously, like the Middlebury community itself, this blog is ever changing and adapting to the desires and needs of those who engages with it.  Whether you are a scholar, a plusser, mentor, faculty, staff, dean or somebody who just appreciates the work that Posse does, we are interested in what you think about this. Feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion on what you think this space should be.

Last updated: 04/20/2011

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